Tuesday, July 13, 2010



"Supplemental Poemski" is

The title of the post

Closing the Polanski Show,

Where I have been the host

For five full years, in hopes that you

Might find it entertaining,

While against the standard blogging

SHIT I went campaigning.


Those o' you who know me know

My work is hardly done.

Wherever there is POEMIN' and

Wherever there is FUN,

THERE I'll be in spirit, and

Might even be in FACT;

BUT, from this day forward,

The Polanski Show is JACKd.

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  • 32 Polanski poemskis
  • 54 Othr poemskis
  • 86 Totl poemskis
  • 9 Posts
  • 3 Blogskis
    • The Joey Polanski Show (5)
    • Old Fish and Lemonade (2)
    • Tetherd Cow Ahead (2)
  • 4 Poemrs
    • Joey Polanski (32)
    • Atlas Cerise (52)
    • Anaglyph (1)
    • 1 othr (1)

PLUS, youll find 28 "fugitive poemskis" ovr at Joey's Hole.

-- Joe No Mo'


Malach the Merciless said...

I already miss you

anaglyph said...

The stage is now silent and black
And there's no wishing Sir Joey back
Amidst all our sighs
One single laugh dies
To an echo... (wait - was that a quack?)

Atlas Cerise said...

Here, at the end, as we scatter
I'm feeling a little bit sadder
I wish for a way
To just make you stay
I'd even sell half of my bladder.

Atlas Cerise said...

Joey is probably drunk
And has packed up his elephant's trunk.
The Show has been fun
But alas, is now done.
The Bismarck has finally sunk.

Joey Polanski said...

From twenty-oh-five to oh-ten,

I've made me a fine set of friends;

And have enjoyed the jokes,

Of all of you folks.

Let's do it all over again!

queenwilly said...

Here in the castle down under
We've often engaged in the wonder
Of who it could be
Providing such glee
Now we're amazed to find that it's Jack!

queenwilly said...


If you ever feel an urge to roam
Far far away south of your home
There's a welcome light
At the castle each night
And a lecturn set up for your poem.

Atlas Cerise said...

The Show is closed down

Let's face it; you blew it.

I WAS gonna email U

But Joey don't DO it.

Mike said...

So this is how it ends? I figured there would be like hundreds of comments of poemin' by now.

Atlas Cerise said...

Mike is hot on the case

Looking around for a trace

Of a poemski or two

So I'll give him a clue:

You're just searching in the wrong place.

Four Dinners said...

Who are you again?

Geritopia said...

I made a new poopie on my bloggy-log!

Atlas Cerise said...

You know, between you and me, I really would have figured you'd have started a new blog of some kind by now.

Reverend Anaglyph said...

Fuckin' hell. Who left that chair there? Wow. Great reverb in here.

Tom Serafini, Actor to the Stars! said...


If you get this send me an email. I was working up a new blog when my laptop when out. When I get it done I want to send you the link.

T ski.

Atlas Cerise said...

Looking through the archives

And reliving yesteryear

Longing for the "good old days"

With poemskis and good cheer.

AngryMan said...


Way too late apparently.

We all miss you!